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  • How early should I arrive for my first visit?
    Plan on arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of your service. This will allow you to have time to sip on some tea, complete your paperwork, and receive customized skin report.
  • Do I need to come with my face washed for a facial?
    I will cleanse your face, so no worries on coming to your appointment with make-up on.
  • Do I need to be concerned about any medications I am on?
    Yes, please disclose medications before any skincare service. Many medications can cause reactions to to the skin when combine with certain skin care treatments.
  • Will there be any down time after my treatment?
    Treatments involving the face require light protection from the elements for at least 24 hours, other treatments may require more time. When receiving energy work, please rest for the remainder of the day and consume a lot of water. You will want to rest, relax and allow your body to rejuvenate.
  • I’m pregnant, can I receive services?"
    Yes, as long as you are comfortable on your back for 30-60 mins. Please make sure you disclose your pregnancy with your esthetician before your service begins. We will make sure that any products used are safe for pregnancy or nursing.
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