How Does Distant Reiki Work?

The COVID-19 stay at home order limits my usual spa clientele, but I’m still able to practice energy treatments.  My clients that receive my regular reiki treatment love this because they are able to receive the same amazing treatment but in their own homes. 

Energy doesn’t have boundaries.  The energy is still being channeled the same way at the same “strength”.  It’s all what the recipient wants to pull through.  Energy healing does more than work with the physical body, it works with your energy field which is a person’s aura, their energy centers called chakras, and the energy pathways called meridians.  By working with these energy fields the recipient is pulling in how much healing they need.  The recipient may need a little or a lot of healing, it's all up to them.  

Most of the time the recipient will feel relaxed and uplifted, but sometimes the recipient is working through a lot of blocks that may take many sessions to release.  Once these blocks are released then the body is able to set up a new foundation. This is called a healing crisis and as the recipient’s vibrations are rising, toxins are being released.  It is very important to drink plenty of water, eat light meals and get more rest after a treatment. 

I have a unique distant treatment because I speak with the client first and we discuss their chakra energy.  I also work with divination tools such as a pendulum, tarot and oracle cards to help me intuitively explore a recipient’s blocks and help guide them through releasing these with their strengths.  We then hang up and get comfy for a reiki treatment.  Afterwards I call back and we discuss what they felt, saw or dreamt. It’s a beautiful treatment and great for every person that is going through pain, anxiety or just needs help relaxing. Signup today for your distant reiki treatment.

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