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Once in a Black Moon

Hope everyone survived mercury retrograde again!  Mercury rules our communication and when it goes retrograde we often encounter issues with technology and travel. Those that are aware of this natural occurrence (about 3 times a year) remind ourselves to take things slow and review and think things through before acting.  Often times I notice things of my past resurface that I thought I have worked through.  The universe is giving you another chance to revise or work on the situations in life we may have ignored before. Don't worry, Mercury gets back on track July 31st.  Just in time for our Black Moon!

The Black Moon occurs when there are two New Moons in a month.  Lucky us to have this magical cycle occur in the shadows of Mercury Retrograde.  It will bring a great shift in energy and with it, big changes in life.  Get ready for this shift and invite the best of your intentions.  I can explain more about moon magic at your next appointment.  

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