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The Teen Facial

Here in the spa, we are constantly brainstorming and discussing new ways to expand the reach of Holistic Healing in the beauty industry. With this, we have added a new treatment to our list- targeted specifically for ages 13-17.

As an esthetician and energy practitioner at 24 yrs of age, I have battled with my fair share of stress-induced inflammation (acne specifically!). Through my teen years, about 8th-11th grade, I suffered with intense cystic acne and overall imbalanced skin. I was eventually prescribed isotretinoin- which came with its own uncomfortable side effects, and ultimately just masked the root cause of my inflammation. I can't help but wonder how this process would have gone differently had I seen a trusted skin care professional offering me a completely different perspective. Through my own personally experienced independent research, I can confidently tell you that the health of our skin is dependent on a plethora of variables that contribute to the overall balance of our hormones and health. Yes- HORMONES- making it ultra obvious why teens tend to struggle so much with their skin and self-confidence.

This facial is much more than just that, as I have taken into consideration the endless possibilities of dramatically different lifestyles among teenagers. As a professional that has worked with children-teens for 8+ years, an older sister to a 16 yr old boy, and a mom- I see a huge opportunity to assist in alleviating some of the stresses of our youth. Most importantly, I am a young adult that has experienced the heartache, depression, and insanity that comes along with being a teenager. These mental and emotional stressors are the variables that impact our bodies most, and often act as the catalyst for unhealthy habits. For this reason, we can leave up to 15 min available as “consultation” time to discuss the client’s current concerns. From there, the facial is customized to suit the client and is enhanced with simple, teachable techniques that can be easily incorporated at home to assist in balancing the skin AND soul.

After 45 minutes of relaxation and warm, welcoming conversation- it is our goal that your teen will leave with a renewed sense of confidence that comes from within. This confidence and self-love is what truly nourishes our bodies and makes us GLOW!

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