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What are Chakras?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

At Birch Botanical Spa, we perform a chakra reading before most of our services to help you acknowledge any blockages within the chakra systems and find balance. This east meets west approach focuses on helping you reach a relaxed state for healing and balance.

What is a chakra reading?

  • Chakras refer to the seven energy points that are situated along your spine.

  • A chakra reading helps you to become more aligned with your whole self.

  • A way to learn if you’re balanced, become aligned, focus, and become more connected to yourself.

We use a pendulum to hover over the chakra and watch if the pendulum moves in a clockwise motion, counterclockwise motion, or if it is still and doesn’t move (see how to program your pendulum in the instructions). If a person is balanced the pendulum moves clockwise, showing that they are happy, healthy, energetic, alive and vibrant, but if there are blockages the pendulum doesn’t move or goes in a counterclockwise motion, the client is unbalanced with a sense of dullness, nervous, depressed, lethargic and tired.

It is important to discover these blockages and imbalances before they can manifest into illness and disease. Helping a person find balance can be through relaxation and meditation. When the mind can be calm and silent, then the body can heal. We perform traditional relaxation techniques that help the client find their own peace and balance.

At Birch Botanical Spa in St. Charles, Missouri, we work with the first 7 chakras, directly associated with the physical body/matter. Each of these first 7 chakras are identified and associated with certain colors, emotions, smells, sounds and even yoga poses! When we have a block in one or more of our chakras we will experience one or many symptoms associated with this chakra. These symptoms can range from emotional discomfort to physical pains and even sickness. We offer chakra readings with many of our facial services and energy services to provide clients with a new perspective on various aspects of their healing.

We also created a Chakra Oil Set $62 to create harmony in your life with essential oil blends that have been crafted for the seven chakras. Our specially formulated aromas contain essential oils to nourish and align the seven energy houses of the body. Meditate on each chakra to support a spiritual balance through visualization, or focus on one particular chakra in need of energy. Purchase your kit in our Spa or Online.

1st Root Chakra (Muladhara): located at the base of the spine and associated with the color red. Our root chakra is our foundation and has to do with our physical energy/strength, safety, and unconscious mind. Blocks at the Root are often a result of abuse and trauma. Devastating and unprocessed energies at the Root show up in many ways- feelings of overwhelming anger, resentment, alcohol addiction, or aggressive/violent behavior are all common. Finding balance in the root chakra begins with turning inward and finding stability with the knowing that our worth is not dependent on our outward circumstances..

2nd Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): located at the reproductive organs, associated with the color orange. The Sacral area represents the emotional body. In order to balance the Sacral chakra we must develop a deep relationship with our body and unbiased understanding of our emotions. This drives us to further explore our heart-centered purposes and enhance the harmonic flow of creative energy from the Sacral space. A few symptoms of having a block here are sexual addictions, greed, shame, and an overall disconnect to our emotions. In order to effectively process emotions and therefore shed dense energy, we must allow ourselves to fully FEEL and tune into an emotion as it arises.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): located in the middle of the abdomen, associated with the color yellow. This chakra has to do physically with our stomach and digestion. Mentally, the Solar Plexus is related to how we identify with ourselves, the ego, and our desire for control. Being extremely judgemental, leading to feelings of anxiety is very common when this chakra is blocked. To be less critical and more accepting of ourselves is the first step of balancing the Solar Plexus, gradually lessening the influence of the judgmental/analytical ego and increasing the Presence of the Soul.

4th Heart Chakra (Anahata): located at the heart and associated with the color green, this chakra is responsible for our ability to give and receive love/compassion. An open heart chakra suggests that you are open to experiencing loving and intimate relationships - with yourself and others. On the contrary, when the heart is blocked we struggle to feel accepted. As we practice maintaining a strong sense of compassion towards ourselves, we naturally begin to extend this energy to those around us. To consciously take actions and make decisions that are in the highest good for both ourselves and the world around us is to effectively open the Heart.

5th Throat Chakra (Vishuddha): located at the throat and represents the color blue. This chakra highlights the importance of communication. With a healthy Throat Chakra, you are able to both express yourself clearly and listen intently. When we are able to express ourselves lovingly and honestly, we attract what is truly in alignment for us/our highest good and often bypass what is not. Listening is just as important in determining what IS or IS NOT in the best interest for ourselves/others.. Miscommunication and failure to accept what others express as their truth leads to blockages that cause chaos and confusion. Healthy communication is key in interpreting/navigating the world around us as we are truly meant to.

6th Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): located in the center of your forehead and associated with the color indigo. This chakra is all about imagination, open mindedness, and clarity. An open third eye means we are open to readjusting and reimagining our goals/future as we settle deeper into our Soul’s purpose. When we hold on too tight to how we think we want things to be, we often miss out on or postpone that which is truly our calling, along with sometimes causing further unnecessary discomfort.

7th Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): located at the top of the head, where a crown would sit, and is violet in color. To have an open and flowing Crown Chakra is to begin integrating awareness of your quantum existence beyond the Earth plane as a Sovereign Soul serving Oneness. When we have an open and flowing Crown, we have deep faith and knowing in our connection and protection with the heart of Source, Mother/Father God.

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