Winter News 2018

As we celebrate the returning of light this solstice, we are reminded to embrace the season’s cold and quiet message of reflection and renewal.  This is the time for warming foods and healing baths to help us rejuvenate and heal. It is also known as the season of great darkness but we celebrate the returning of light. We light candles to welcome the sun’s rebirth.  Whether you celebrate the birth of the “Sun” or the “Son” we are all reminded to share our love, light and joy with others. 

It’s a busy time of the year and we need to remind ourselves of our true intentions.  Remembering the foundations of why we do everything we do in the season. Slowing down and prioritizing our thoughts to live more freely in the moment will remind us of the love, light and joy.  Bringing intentions to everything we do such as every gift we wrap, every sweet treat we make and gathering with family and friends can bring gratitude.  

Love & Light, Jayme Owner / LE

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