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Our philosophy at Birch Botanical Spa is that health, wellness, and beauty are holistically linked.  When feeling stressed or overtaxed your body usually doesn't hide the effects of that pressure. This spa was created to help give you the tools to unlock your unique internal healing powers.


We offer the latest skincare treatments, healing energy work, and anti-aging therapies that combine eastern techniques with western science for proven results. The products included in our services nurture your skin with pure botanicals, plant stem cells, innovative peptide technology, organic, wild crafted and sustainably harvested ingredients. ​

Fern Leaves




"As small business owner since 2010 creating and selling artisanal skincare, I have a passion for creating products and services for her clientele. I've devoted countless hours to learning about our natural environments and the magnificent things it has to offer our well-beings. As a holistic esthetician, studying herbalist, and an intuitive healer.  My business is built on teaching clients how to understand their skin health journey through the mind body connection, or also called Integrative Esthetics. Birch Botanical Spa is one of the very few Spas which provide this level of skin care.  We not only addresses with science what your skin needs, but also how your lifestyle could be hindering any of the results you should be seeing.  This interconnectivity allows for a multi-dimensional anti-aging plan to be established.  I thoroughly enjoy training fellow estheticians this philosophy, as well as, other eastern practices such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I also make sure to keep up with the latest anti-aging technologies and provides these services in the spa for the quick results you dream of! 


On a personal note, I'm a mother and a lover for all nature activities.  I'm a competitive canoeist that loves a good river race!  For a number of years I've volunteered for the Missouri Department of Conservation as a Master Naturalist.Now, I have the pleasure of getting to teach my son all about nature!  I've also studied herbalism when I owned my own natural skin care line, Black Birch.  Those days have since evolved into owning and running a spa that teaches a balance of self, nature and community.


The other piece of my spa business relies heavily on spirituality.  I'm an intuitive healer and truly believe in the effects our energies play in our personal growth and health.  That being said, I will often check your chakras and see what’s blocked or flowing.  It just goes to show that there is more to skin health other than washing your face or what you are eating.  Learning all of this is why I practice Integrative Esthetics."



"I'm Brooke! I've been an esthetician for four years and an Energy Healer for three! In the spa, my TOP priority is always my client's comfort. As a licensed esthetician and Energy worker, I fully understand and place emphasis on the connection between our energetic bodies and our physical bodies. This connection between the seen and unseen is what shapes our perspective and, in turn, our LIFE! I am confident that any service booked with me will be unlike any spa treatment you have experienced and will leave you feeling more confident and at ease than when you arrived.


When it comes to Energy Healing, I use my OWN methods. My intention in this work is to activate DNA and Remind clients of their own unique and personal relationship with God. By calming the physical body and nervous system, I am able to asses the Energy Body, hold space for the client to reclaim their own energy, begin releasing false information from their Aura, and begin recoding their foundation to balance and unite the Divine Masculine + Feminine within the Heart. I do this with a 'hands on' approach, and the effects of this work are ALWAYS felt and received by my clients! 


Outside of the spa, it is very likely that you will find me playing outside with my son and dog! Some of our favorite hobbies include rollerblading, bike-riding, hula hooping, yoga and gardening. I am also a self-proclaimed top chef in the kitchen, constantly experimenting and whipping up treats to satisfy my sweet tooth! I love all things fairy/angel related and find joy in collecting and using crystals for various purposes! I am so grateful that you've made it this far in exploring some of the things that make me "Brooke" and hope to pamper you soon!

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