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At Birch Botanical, we are one of the very few spas in the nation that are incorporating traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine techniques that have been used in healing sessions for centuries to provide relaxation for the body. Allowing you to come into alignment with your natural energy path. 

Our Energy Healing treatments are a hands-on approach to relieving physical tension, and the negative emotions that are held in the body. We are not unified to one structure of energy work. Instead, our healing practitioners are skilled in a variety of energy balancing methods that will be intuitively customized for each unique individual that comes to the spa.  

Our goal is to help gently guide you into a restorative balance and rejuvenated perspective felt long after your session is complete. 

Tibetan Energy Alignment - 75 minutes

This treatment is most beneficial when you are experiencing stress, physical exhaustion, and/or mental fog. It focuses on tuning into your relationship with the body and releasing built-up tension. We use traditional Tibetan massage techniques, kansa wands, essential oils, and more to relax marma points, open Chakras, and allow the body to heal itself. This re-alignment is designed to clear your mind and connect you to the physicality of your emotions.


Consider this as a time for you to nurture your body, intend mental clarity, and invoke emotional peace.

MEMBER: $112

Non-Member: $140


I had my first Energy Healing session with Jayme after a long, difficult week. I thought for sure I would fall asleep during, but instead I felt what I would describe as a cleansing energy working over my entire body starting from my crown down to my throat, heart and then around my entire body. After my session I felt energized and clear headed, which was just what I needed to tackle the week ahead. Thank you Jayme! You’re skills are a blessing to so many!

--Dr. Felicity Keough, an Amazon Best Selling Author

Divine Rejuvenation Energy Facial - 90 minutes

Experience a deeply relaxing Ayurvedic facial designed to silence the mind and bring awareness to the body by helping to restore your natural balance. 

*This facial exclusively uses our very own Herbal Apothecary skincare products.

  • Chakra Reading

  • Marma Point relaxation massage techniques

  • Kansa Wand facial massage

  • Herbal exfoliant

  • Organic mud mask

  • Kansa Wand foot massage treatment

MEMBER:  $144

Non-member: $180










Ground & Connect: Energy Body Alignment 
with Shauna - 120 minutes

This is an energy-focused service exclusively with Shauna. She is an intuitive healer, psychic-medium, and a Reiki I & II certified Quantum Energy Body Alignment practitioner. In this session, she will connect with your Energy Body and “read” the energy moving through and between the chakras. She will identify blockages and limitations and begin shifting and moving those according to what your Energy Body communicates the need for. A combination of various energy modalities may be used in this session depending on what is intuitively suggested. This can include channeled messages from Spirit and/or loved ones, past life (or Akashic record) information, sound/vocal activations, crystal therapy, guided meditation, tarot/oracle cards, or more! Shauna creates a safe, comfortable environment in which only the highest vibrations of Light are utilized and worked within in order to assist the client with healing and aligning the Energy Body to their own highest frequency.


Non-member: $222

MEMBERS:  $178

Reiki Treatment

Chakra Balancing and Reiki - 45 minutes

We begin by testing the Chakras to bring balance to the mind and body through the 7 energy centers and awareness to any energy blocks.

Chakra balancing is a unique, intuitive and customized form of energy medicine. Chakra balancing incorporates, sound, vibration, light touch, and pendulum that assist with clearing and balancing the aura, subtle energy field, and the chakra system. Reiki energy (universal energy) flows from the practitioner into the client by using hands on or the hands above method (client preference). The Reiki energy clears out energetic blockages, aligns and balances each of these chakras so the body can return to a state of balance. Reiki is very relaxing it instills a sense of calm and lightness. 

Non-member: $80


Womb Healing Pic  (1).HEIC
Shamanic Womb Healing with Veronica - 75 minutes

 According to Shamanic tradition, there is a sacred place on Mother Earth, the Womb. The Womb is the center of all creation, a place where everything comes to life. We hold and suppress a lot of emotions in this space. Shamanic Womb healing is an energy healing technique that assists in clearing energy from our womb space. This also includes men, in their spiritual womb, especially if they have experienced their mother’s trauma in the womb. It can also help us deeply reconnect to our Earth Mother, who gives us life, wisdom, and connection.

As a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Womb Keeper, who received the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki, and registered with The Rite Of The Womb, Veronica can assist in bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance, while helping clear fear, pain, trauma, ancestral trauma, all held within our womb, and return us to our most authentic self, with this ancient Jungle Spirit Medicine. 


Non-member: $180

MEMBERS:  $144

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