Each quarter you'll receive one-of-a-kind curated seasonal items to help you look your best, reduce stress, and live a more nature drive lifestyle! 

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+ Quarterly Seasonal Product Box ( each worth $200!)

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Self-care has never been easier

Reduce your stress with a Birch Botanical Spa Membership. As a member, you'll receive deep discounts at the spa all year, plus our Seasonal Wellness Box every quarter!

With your membership, you'll receive our Seasonal Wellness Box with over

$200 worth of goodies every quarter!​



Your seasonal box will include face and body care products, holistic herbs, an exclusive tea blend, and many other goodies. Plus, you’ll get unbelievable savings in the Spa to keep your skin, health, and energy vibrant all year long!




Ayurveda Kansa Wand

A Kansa Wand is a traditional Ayurveda tool used on the face and body as a massage technique at Birch Botanical Spa. Kansa is an Indian word for a blend of metals we now call bronze. The benefits of this massage technique can help balance and relax the subtle energies in the body, what are known as marma points. This technique has been known to help ground, soothe eye areas, pull out toxins from tissues, reduce acidity, and invoke a sense of relaxation. The Kansa Wand detoxifies the skin by drawing out acidity.

Birch Botanical Spa Linen Spray

This linen spray delivers a fresh and floral aromatic infusion of lavender essential oil. Spray fabrics in between washing, pour contents into water when hand washing, or mist a room for a fresh scent.

Birch Botanical Spa Facial Serum

With daily application, this balanced serum will help improve your skins texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. Not just for your face, this serum has been shown to work very well on any skin irritation areas you may have. For those with oily skin, use at night after cleansing face. For those with dry skin use up to twice daily. Allow product's nutrients to be fully absorbed into skin before applying makeup.

Wise Woman Tea

Celebrate the emerging wise woman within! this caffeine free, organic wise woman infusion blend was lovingly crafted with balancing herbs to create a tasty, grounding cup of tea. An effervescent and engaging aroma with crisp green notes and an initial sharp mint flavor with a smooth herbal finish.  INGREDIENTS: Organic motherwort, organic nettle leaf, organic sage leaf, organic lemon balm, organic vitex berries, organic mugwort, and organic horsetail.

Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield SPF 50

Give your complexion a boost of luminosity. Powered by EnviroScreen® Technology, this SPF 50 is a hydrating, antioxidant-rich mineral protector that features a pearlescent illuminating glow to deliver a healthy, lit-from-within look.

Birch Botanical Spa Seasonal Booklet

Welcome to your personal, wellness guide and journal that reminds you to live life seasonally. This booklet will give you inspiration, reminders, and ideas on how to live a healthy and natural lifestyle. As the seasons change, so do you. It shouldn’t be a chore to live naturally, but a guide to making conscious decisions through self-care, self-reflection, and thoughtfulness.

Get in touch with the season!

We guide our community through the seasons holistically with not only skincare products and tips, but with what nature has to offer for us!  Empower yourself with tools, ingredients and information to take wellbeing into your own hands.