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What exactly are Marma Points?

Marmas are subtle energy points in the body.  They are similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s acupressure point.  Did you know, there are 107 marmas throughout the body?  They are found where all major tissues of the body are present (veins, lymph, nerves, around joints, muscles) and are connected to the 7 main chakras points. There are 37 marmas on the head, neck and chest, so you understand why my facials are very rejuvenating. Marmas not only work with the physical body but they also work with the mind and affect the deepest part of our being.

When marmas are open and healthy, it shows through the skin by looking nourished, hydrated and glowing, as well as have you feeling wonderful and inspired by being calm and at peace. When a marma is closed, possibly due to physical trauma, environmental pollutants and lack of touch, there is a disconnect in the mind-body. The skin and supporting tissue isn’t getting needs met and the skin will show problems of congestion, infection, dry, oily or lack of radiance.

Beautiful ways to open marmas are by gentle touch, hatha yoga postures, aroma therapy, light therapy and by chanting or singing. My therapeutic, gentle loving touch can help a client reconnect and help open closed mamas. Book an appointment today to experience this transforming service!

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