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Now Offering Transpersonal Crystal Healing

Transpersonal Crystal Healing is a supportive combination of crystal bodywork and spiritual psychology. It involves treating a person’s energetic body by placing the stones and crystals on specific energy points on the body . Using gentle movement, hand placement, and crystal wands, we can activate and direct energy, to help bring balance and healing. 

The word “Transpersonal” means to transcend the outer personality layers to seek what lies deeper within. Originating from Transpersonal Psychology, any form of Transpersonal Therapy (including Art Therapy and Holistic Counseling) aims at digging much deeper than our thin external personality layer and into the depths of our physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, and spiritual levels of being to find resonance, truth and healing. 

Crystal healing is a vibrational healing modality, working alongside the energy of the energy of the person being treated. When we work with crystals on a person’s body, we harness the energy from within the crystal and transfer it to the person, using space as the conduit. The crystal can also receive energy from the person in the same way, and can therefore absorb pain, trauma and negative vibrational energy from the person being treated. 

A typical Transpersonal Crystal Healing session will go for 90 minutes, and be tailored to each individual client, which includes holistic counseling, aura reading, guided meditation, crystal and energy work, grounding, and processing. For each session, Veronica creates a custom crystal body grid for each client that will be placed on the main energy points of the body to provide healing support. Some examples of crystal body grid layouts include: 

Chakra Balancing 

Confidence & Self-Esteem 

Cleansing & Detoxification 

Anxiety & Stress 

Transition & Change 

Sexual Health 


Back Pain & Spinal Health



Overcoming Fear & Phobia 

Healing from Past Trauma 

Releasing Emotional Trauma 

Overcoming Illness 

Supporting Depression 


Spiritual Awakening 

As you can see, this energy healing modality is effective and appropriate for most any person or situation. It is a gentle, peaceful, and relaxing experience. Crystals are beautiful not only in their looks, but also in their ability to aid in our healing and transformation!

Book this new service exclusively with Veronica

Contact Veronica via email at if you have any questions about this exciting new service at Birch Botanical Spa!

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