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At Birch Botanical Spa, we believe that health, wellness, and beauty are holistically linked. This has always been our core theme, and our approach to sharing this with the world has evolved in so many beautiful ways! Today, I'd like to fill you in a bit on our current offerings in the spa, and how they can assist you in existing and interacting with your life more harmoniously.

As always, we are the go-to spa in the area for holistic facials and skin treatments. Our estheticians Lacy & Nikki offer several different types of skin focused services- all customized, and varying in degree of emphasis on stress-relieving, energy balancing techniques and highly sought-after professional skin care treatments with immediate results. These services include dermaplaning, detoxifying facial massage, ayurvedic energy balancing, chemical exfoliation, HydraFacial, Circadia Skin protocols, and our herbal based products.

Aside from our skin care services are our herbal skin apothecary products! This product line has been built upon throughout the years of its' inception by previous owner, Jayme Hanna. These original core products remain with their signature formulas and occasionally alternating seasonal scents, while many other new products have expanded upon them! For example our Lip Balm, Body butter, and Everything Oil (previously "Face & Body"), and other products are always created with their original known and loved formulas. Products like the Nighttime Balm and Ubtan are newer additions to the apothecary family, reformulated or created by Spa Manager Lacy! Ubtan is a traditional Ayurvedic dry body scrub and cleanser. This unique herbal rendition has a fresh, floral, and slightly earthy scent. The product itself is to be buffed on dry skin to lovingly exfoliate, cleanse, detox, and energetically purify the body!

Apart from assisting you in caring for the body with herbal products, we also offer Massage services and body treatments with licensed massage therapists, Kristin & Shannon. These unique services all offer you not only a time to honor your physical body, but also a chance to expand in awareness towards the energetic mind/body connection. We have massage treatments ranging from 30-90 minutes, with several optional enhancements to target your healing needs.

Our Infrared Sauna is the perfect compliment to almost all of our offered services and modalities. The Infrared technology used in dry saunas is intended to inspire the body's rapid healing mechanisms. This results in amplified healing of all areas, including but not limited to detoxification, muscle recovery, anti-aging, heart health, immunity, sleep and more!

Here at Birch, we like to remain aware of our more subtle energy bodies, too! What this means, is that also take into account how our own perspectives and beliefs are shaping the way that we experience reality. Because of this, we have become home to several wonderful healing practitioners that specialize in different unique modalities, designed and utilized to bring you closer to who you strive to be.

Maria Hawn is a licensed counselor that rents space in the spa. Here, she offers her sessions with a wide variety of approaches to assist in navigating life transitions- big or small. We are always changing in life and Maria honors this constant flow through reflective practices such as Breath Connection, Nature Reflection, Heart Navigation, InnerChild Exploration, Embodied Creation, Orienting and Integration, Mapping Constellations and NeuroAffective Touch. Maria has helped me tremendously in my most recent "up level" in embodiment, and I truly can not recommend her services enough to those that are seeking support in being seen, heard, and interacted with from a helpfully integrative perspective.

Shauna Rupp is one of my close friends and has acted as a mentor to me several times since I met her over 7 years ago! Shauna has offered intuitive guidance and healing sessions for many years, and has studied the world of unseen energies her whole life. She has many gifts as a Psychic Healer, and she is expanding into these gifts here at the spa. She has stepped away from skin care and taking clients as an esthetician, but continues to offer her "Ground and Connect" healing sessions in the spa- and MORE! Her newest offering is called Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy. This modality is truly groundbreaking and unlike anything else I have experienced. In this service, Shauna holds space as your conscious mind becomes quiet so that you can hear the answers of your soul. This process takes us through deeply transformative healing through the recognition of your own internal connection to Source and Life itself. There is so much more that I could say about this, but I will have to cut it short and leave the rest for you and Shauna to discuss.

Veronica Ventre is a Munay-Ki practitioner and Shamanic Womb keeper. She is also a Cacao Ceremonialist and owner of Cedar&Clove, where she sells her magical herbal tea blends. She has been holding space for both Tea and Cacao Ceremonies in the spa, which have been beautiful gatherings for community connection and healing. On Wednesday afternoons, her books are open for Womb Healing Sessions. A Womb Healing session is an illuminating healing modality that holds it's roots deep in the jungle. This earth-alchemizing medicine holds potent elemental power, through which Veronica has been thoroughly trained and initiated into. I recommend these healing sessions for those interested in strengthening their connection to nature, and anchoring the powerful medicine of Mother Earth into their womb. This results in the opportunity to reclaim power through creativity, passion and play.

I am honored to be the owner of Birch Botanical Spa and to just know all of these wonderful, nurturing and expansive women. They have (and continue to) walk alongside me in healing and growth towards a beautiful future. It is a wonderful thing to feel such gratitude for the people around us, and I wish this peace and happiness for everyone! This spa is so much more than just a place for pampering. It is truly an ever-expanding container for holistic health and wellness, building self-confidence, and getting acquainted with who you were truly made to be. <3

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