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This exfoliate combines cleansing clays, healing herbs and warming spices. The clays cleanse the skin while the sodium bicarbonate and salt (and water) work together for a deep clean. Plus the warming spices create warmth and promote circulation in the skin. The healing herbs of calendula, nettle and marshmallow root soothe the skin tissues and help calm the barrier to promote healing from a cellular level. The combination delivers remarkable difference in texture on the skin and allows the Facial Toner and Rejuvenating Facial Oil to penetrate deeper. Use this mineral rich exfoliant every 2-3 days for soft and glowing skin. 

Herbal Exfoliant

  • Ingredients: white kaolin clay, rhassoul clay, red alaea salt, sodium bicarbonate (aluminum free), althaea officinalis* (marshmallow) root, urtica dioica* (nettle) leaf, calendula officinalis* (calendula) flowers, cinnamomum verum* (cinnamon), myristica fragrans* (nutmeg), syzygium aromaticum* (clove), curcuma longa* (turmeric) root, zingiber officinale* (ginger) root, theobroma cacao* (cacao)

  • Use every 2-3 days by mixing 1 tsp of exfoliant to a small amont of water to create a soft paste. Massage into skin avoiding eyes then rinse.

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