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Anti-Aging and the Balance Within

Your skin is powerful and for the most part, can be perfectly capable of healing on its own. But what happens when you interfere daily healing with both internal and external forces?

There is a new anti-aging movement going on called Integrative Esthetics, which has been made popular on the west coast with celebrities. This cutting-edge approach harnesses the already built-in protective measures your skin contains, but with a holistic look at the person as a whole, including emotional well-being and social influences. Diving deep into the toxins that might be countering the good being done topically.

A licensed esthetician practicing Integrative Esthetics not only addresses with science what your skin needs, but also how your lifestyle could be hindering any of the results you should be seeing.  This interconnectivity allows for a multi-dimensional anti-aging plan to be established. 

What really sets these facials apart from the norm is applied energy work during the treatment session. By working on blocked energy, created by negative thoughts or experiences, you are allowing that stress and baggage to leave the body.  This facilitates the skin’s unique anti-aging responses to fully shift into high gear. 

I practice Integrative Estheticsin my spa, but you can easily start this program at home!

  1. Start by getting rid of the skin care products that can change hormones, such as endocrine disruptors. 

  2. Next, review your diet choices.  Sometimes it is as easy as looking at the last time your food has seen the sun and deciding if that is good for your body.

  3. And lastly, when was the last time you played outside? With three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults having Vitamin D deficiencies*, incorporating more nature into your daily routine is a healthy place to start.

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