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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

The Ultimate Skin Healing Herb

I've been using calendula in many of my skincare recipes since 2010 because of its amazing skin healing properties. There are so many other uses for calendula and I make note of these other uses in my online classes, I also teach how to make an oil infusion with this beautiful plant. We use calendula in the spa for our massage oil and in facials for our double cleanse.

What is calendula?

  • An annual plant that’s known as pot marigold.

  • Used for its skin healing properties.

  • Most common parts used for skin health are the flower petals and buds.

  • Grows in almost any soil but is found primarily in the United States and Europe.

Calendula is widely known for its skin healing properties. This plant can heal wounds, protects the skin from radiation, helps relieve inflammation from rashes and is also antimicrobial. It is helpful for eczema as long as the root cause is being treated as well. Use the plant by extracting its flowers into an oil or use as a poultice directly on a rash or a burn. Calendula can be a key ingredient in diaper creams because it is safe and effective on dermatitis.

Use calendula in a skincare routine because it can increase skin elasticity and skin hydration. Calendula promotes healing skin after damage from a sunburn or the skin damaging effects of radiation therapy. Since it’s antimicrobial, many people have seen results for decreasing dandruff when put on the scalp. Calendula also works great for other seborrheic dermatitis skin conditions like cradle cap.

We sell calendula in our Face & Body Oil in 4 oz containers, and now also by the once! Bring in your own container and we'll fill it up for you! Calendula is also a key ingredient in our Whipped Shea Butter.

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