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Can Yoga Help with Skin Issues?

Updated: May 18, 2020

It might seem odd at first, but yoga is the perfect addition to your beauty routine. Not only does it increase flexibility, but it releases energy stagnation in the body. By allowing this over 5,000 year old practice to clear blockages you might not even be aware of (and some major stresses you probably are aware of!) you help create a deep transformation of your body. Through breath work, mantras and repetitive movements, you give yourself the gift of a clear and calm gaze and a radiance from within.

The wise Yogi Bhajan once said, “Keep up, and you’ll be kept up.” Meaning, take care of your mind and body throughout the season by prevent stagnation from building in our bodies. When you keep your mind and body moving you activate the immune system. Whether your goals are to attract prosperity, increase magnetism, raise your sexual energy, encourage youthfulness and/or beauty, yoga can help you raise your vibration and energy to reach these goals.

It all Starts with a Routine

My daily routine incorporates yoga, whether that is in the morning, afternoon or evening. I try to fit in daily at least 20-30 minutes. Being a working mom, I sometimes have to get creative to squeeze out the time for daily practice. Including doing it in the hallway while my son is in the bath! But most days, I make time for yoga in the morning before my mind finds excuses for why I don’t have the time. You have to wake up early when you want kid-free alone time!

When I first wake up, I say my affirmations next to my bed, then make my way into the kitchen to strain my nettle infusion that was prepared the night before, then I light some candles and spread out my yoga mat. The first part of my day is spent with a cleansing breathing technique called Breath of Fire, which is rooted from Kundalini yoga. This intense breathing exercise wakes me up and giving me a positive start to my day! Benefits of this are calming, detoxing, pain relieving and strengthening. It increases your oxygen absorption and gets easier over time. Truly radiating up through your complexion, giving you a vibrant glow. Then I do a meditation before I sit and journal. Having morning routine with yoga, journaling and herbs is uplifting and gives me such a positive start to the day.

Start Easily Today!

Here are a couple of free yoga channels that I watch on YouTube that can help you get started today

Got any that you love? Share in the comments below! I love finding new ones!

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