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How to perform a chakra reading.

At Birch Botanical Spa we perform a chakra reading before most of our services to help the client acknowledge any blockages within the chakra systems and find balance. We use a pendulum to hover over the chakra and watch if the pendulum moves in a clockwise motion, counterclockwise motion, or if it is still and doesn’t move (see how to program your pendulum in the instructions). If a person is balanced the pendulum moves clockwise, showing that they are happy, healthy, energetic, alive and vibrant, but if there are blockages the pendulum doesn’t move or goes in a counterclockwise motion, the client is unbalanced with a sense of dullness, nervous, depressed, lethargic and tired. It is important to discover these blockages and imbalances before they can manifest into illness and disease. Helping a person find balance can be through relaxation and meditation. Our spa focuses on helping the client reach a point of relaxation so they can pull in their own healing and balancing. When the mind can be calm and silent, then the body can heal. We perform traditional relaxation techniques that help the client find their own peace and balance.

Pick up your own Pendulums $12.75 in the spa or online. A Pendulum is a tool that is suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and fro under the action of gravity. Using this tool is also called “dowsing”. When receiving your pendulum, program it to your liking.

Ask yes or no questions and see what ways it swings. Ask it to show you if your chakras are open or closed by holding it over your hand and go through each chakra in your mind. A pendulum is an intuitive tool we use to help us “see” our answers because our ego and mind like a definitive response even though deep down we can actually feel this from within. There is a sense of knowing but you have to trust in your own intuition.

Have questions? Schedule a Facial Service or Energy Treatment at our St. Charles, Missouri location for a one-on-one discussion.

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