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Howling at the Moon

This past full moon and eclipse still has my emotions stirring. Did anyone else feel the effects Friday and Saturday? I know there was some epic weather going on too. The emotions were intense and had me crying and howling at the moon! 😆

Many others friends I have talked to felt the effects as well. To say the least I hope I was able to release some emotions that were hidden deep in my subconscious. I had to acknowledge my dark side. I steered clear of others and burrowed in my room with my journal and some Kleenex. Yes, it happens to all of us! Saturday afternoon I was gazing out the window and a cardinal came racing towards me and crashed into the window! I rushed out to see if it was still alive! Luckily it was only stunned and I moved it to a location where it could take flight again. Whether the bird came as an omen or simply because it was confused by the window, deep down I knew what it came to tell me.

I was very confused by all of this I reached out to my great friend Shauna owner of Lavender House Intuitive Guidance and she told me she too felt the intense shift of emotions as well. Lunar eclipses can reveal a shadow side and the moon can intensify this, throwing someone wildly out of character. As we discussed the events that happened over the weekend, she helped guide me to open my heart through emotions I had not worked through before. I can certainly say this was a big shift for me and so thankful I have friends and mentors I can call.

These shifts are natural and are great for helping us reflect back on our own lives and see what emotions are being ignored. Energy work and intuitive guidance can help reveal these blocks to work through. This will not only help you enhance your own intuition but will help you move into new areas of life.

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