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Midsummer - Herbal Outdoor Spray

One of my favorite hobbies is making artisanal body care products. I've been making organic products for over 10 years and have sold at many stores, farmer's markets, online, and now in my spa in St. Charles, MO and Knoxville, TN. Over the years I have changed the recipe on many products but Midsummer has been a winner for over 8 years.

is an herbal blend formulated to protect you and your family from pesky outdoor invaders (bugs). Legally, I'm not allowed to say the words "bug spray" or "repellant" on the label, according to the EPA, but we herbalist get creative with our wording. I chose the name Midsummer because of my Swedish heritage and pagan traditions. This formulation has been tested in the buggy central and northern midwest US. It has been put to the test at my family's cabin in Northern Minnesota with the state's heavy dose of flies and mosquitoes! The blend is made of herbs and essential oils that have been proven to ward off any unwanted bugs or skeeters. Unlike conventional bug repellents which contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients, this 100% natural alternative provides maximum protection without having to sacrifice your health or the environment.

+ Catnip* Tincture

This ingredient sets Midsummer apart from just any essential oil blend. Locally grown catnip infused into a tincture acts as a preservative and repellant. It is said to be as effective as DEET due to a chemical constituent called Nepetalactone, a natural repellant.

+ Organic Essential Oil Blend

A blend of citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and lemongrass essential oils work well together to keep those nasty bugs away and let you enjoy the outdoors without the harsh smell of synthetic repellents.

I made my own catnip tincture by extracting the properties of the dried catnip leaves with alcohol. The extract sits for about 4 weeks then I strain and add to the recipe. The organic essential oil blends are also blended perfectly together to make the ultimate herbal spray! I always use Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils because this is a trusted herbal brand that I have been using for years.

Pick up your Midsummer in the Spa or online!

*Please note, when using catnip in any recipe, make sure your cat is not in the same room. You may find a mess of the dried catnip bag all over the house and your cat losing its mind (true story).

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