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Shamanic Womb Healing with Veronica Ventre

According to Shamanic tradition, there is a sacred place on Mother Earth, the Womb. The Womb is the center of all creation, a place where everything comes to life. We hold and suppress a lot of emotions in this space. Shamanic Womb healing is an energy healing technique that assists in clearing energy from our womb space. This also includes men, in their spiritual womb, especially if they have experienced their mother’s trauma in the womb. It can also help us deeply reconnect to our Earth Mother, who gives us life, wisdom, and connection. This ancient lineage of women passing this Rite, wanted to free all women, men, and Mother Earth from suffering. As a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Womb Keeper, who received the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki, and registered with The Rite Of The Womb, Veronica can assist in bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance, while helping clear fear, pain, trauma, ancestral trauma, all held within our womb, and return us to our most authentic self, with this ancient Jungle Spirit Medicine.

The intention is to help reconnect with our essence and spirituality, by guiding and supporting, as we examine the whole being-mind, body, emotional body, and spirit. It is an invitation for those who are ready to go deep within their healing journey. To gain a deeper understanding of themselves, to own and integrate aspects of their shadow, and reclaim their power, connectedness to their bodies, and self-love. Based on your past and present life experiences, we will explore ways to support and offer a gateway for transformation, healing, and personal growth.

As each person’s journey is unique, the goal is to be a catalyst for clients to explore their own process of growth and change in a way that best serves them. Veronica uses a variety of holistic tools and resources, to help support healing, and to rediscover our deep interconnection to the elements, animals, and plants. This includes: sound journeys, guided meditations, energy work, crystals, herbs and plant medicine.

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