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Try our Infrared Sauna

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

As we are moving our whole spa team into a new, expanded space in St. Charles, Missouri, our services are expanding too! One of the latest additions to the Birch Botanical Spa list of holistic treatments is the Infrared Sauna. For years now, we have incorporated the use of some simple infrared healing technology via our LED light panel into a selected few of our facials. Now, though, we are stepping it up a notch.

What is an infrared sauna?

  • Uses light to make heat.

  • The infrared rays have a similar impact to your body as sun rays without the UV radiation.

  • Provides health benefits at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna.

  • Helps to detox your body and heal your skin.

The infrared sauna uses a high-tech carbon infrawave FAR heater that is distributed evenly throughout the sauna so that your body is quickly heated, without further heating the surrounding area as much as a traditional sauna. The safe and healing infrared rays are similar to the rays of our sun, but without the UV radiation. They penetrate the body at 1.5-3 inches, allowing for increased circulation, metabolism, and detoxification through excretion of sweat and oils throughout the body. Not only this, but the heat from the infrared rays provide incredible soothing relief for aches, pain and tension.

From a skin care perspective, the overall detoxification process provided by the sauna is crucial in assisting the body with healing skin conditions such as acne or eczema. As the toxins are released from deep in our pores through perspiration, the increase in blood circulation is simultaneously delivering fresh nutrients to the surface of our skin. This process is a perfect example of allowing the body to heal from within, so that you can visibly see the health with-out!

As holistic practitioners striving for health in all areas of life, many of us believe the root cause of many symptoms and weakened immunity to be the toxins existing around, and therefore within, our bodies. Toxins such as dioxide, lead, carbon dioxide and mercury are unfortunately ever-prevalent in our daily lives and can cause tremendous stress on our health. This bodily stress can manifest itself in the form of discomforting ailments such as depression, allergies, anxiety, digestive disorders, and much more. Through the enjoyable process of gentle cleansing from the inside-out in the infrared sauna, these toxins can be dissolved and excreted in the sweat and oil released from our body. Detoxification at this level can help to lift and strengthen the immune system, and encourage overall homeostasis.

One of the final and most sought after benefits of the infrared sauna is assisting in weight loss. As mentioned earlier, the deeply penetrating rays cause increased circulation AND metabolism. This means that through sweat, the body can burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minutes time in the sauna. Since the calories are released through fluid perspiration, the liquid lost can be easily and immediately replaced by drinking water- but the calories remain at bay!

Performing dry brushing prior to an infrared sauna or massage session helps your skin by sloughing away dead skin and other impurities while also increasing the circulation in your body to speed the relaxation and detoxifying effects of the treatment. Enjoy soothing detoxification to exquisite relaxation with this head-to-toe treatment that involves a lymph flow-stimulating dry brushing, relaxing Swedish massage and the additional incorporation of our signature Kansa Wand massage. Click here to schedule your Detox Dry Brushing and Infrared Sauna treatments.

We are so excited to introduce this modality to the spa and feel that it is the perfect addition to our extensive list of comforting, holistic based treatments. We encourage you to try them all, find your flow, and generously pamper your way to ideal well-being!

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