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March in the Spa 2023

That first burst of warmth has our senses coming to life. We are growing tired of the cold and craving the sunshine and energy to grow our dreams and future. The days are growing longer and plants are coming alive again. The vernal equinox this month marks the beginning of SPRING! It is time to plant the seeds for the future, literally and figuratively. You’ve been planning this since winter solstice and it's time to start the process.

As the seasons change from drab and dull to bright and light, think of your foods the same way. As we move from the past season of hearty stews, beans and legumes, root vegetables and squash, start adding to your diet the bright and bitter greens plus the fresh and cool crops of the new season.

The spa is ready for the season. We are in our busy season of making products for the St. Charles Farmers Market. I was a patron of this market 13 years ago and now I’m coming back this spring to launch our NEW enhanced botanical skincare line! Plus all of our bath and home products. Lacy and I are so busy in the Apothecary planning and creating. Almost all of our botanical skincare is made with our jojoba infused calendula oil. Checkout our last blog post to learn more about calendula's skin healing benefits!

We are also planning our plant design for outside of the spa too! This is where the magic is starting to happen. Stay tuned as we transform our landscape and bring more nature inside!

On my hike yesterday I heard the spring peepers! I love hiking and especially with friends. Join me on a plant adventure March 12th at Broemmelsiek Park for a Nature Hike for Kids and Adults. This nature immersion class stimulates all of your senses and can bring trust, relaxation and confidence into your life. With my Herbalist and Master Naturalist background, and my friend Kendall Buie's background in Herbalism, Homesteading and her Certification in Forest Kindergarten Teaching we are coming together with a lot of nature insight! We will gather for tea, hike and will enjoy a craft suited for adults and kids. Children must be over the age of 6 to attend and must be accompanied by an adult. Sign up here!

March 16th we are excited to have Adriana come to our spa to host a Cacao & Sound Meditation. Grab your ticket because these are selling quick! Cacao is said to be "The Food of The Gods". It is a powerful superfood that cuts through the mental clutter by calming and relaxing the body. Cacao cleanses the liver, helps you deal with stress and pain. This loving plant medicine enhances your wellbeing, happiness and pleasure. In this ceremony we will use cacao to elevate our mood and expand our heart's consciousness to receive love and gratitude through intention. With our heart's wide open and intentions set we will settle in for sound healing with crystal singing bowls to embrace the work of our intentions, letting them vibrate throughout our body bringing us in tune with our ideal life. If this is for you reserve your seat here:

Seasonal MEMBERSHIP Perk: Chose any HydraFacial for your March appointment and get your April Platinum HydraFacial for only $225. This is a sweet deal and we don't discount our HydraFacial very often. Haven't tried a HydraFacial or want to learn more about it then click here.

We love all of our clients and want to provide the best value. Our Membership has 3 different options to chose from. We offer a Monthly, Yearly and Yearly Subscription box. All members enjoy some great benefits! Choose the best plan for you!

  • 20%-off all Services

  • 10%-off all Products

  • $20 Sauna Sessions for you & bring a Friend for FREE

As always, thank you for supporting a small business.

- Jayme Hanna, Owner & Holistic Esthetician


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